How to teamwork

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I also have been in that situation where I felt not everyone was pulling their weight, I also felt the frustration of not understanding what was my role in the team and those are issues we all have had when being in a team. And so I started to wonder, what is really behind a team, what is it, how does it come to be?

Teamwork is the effort that me and my teammates put together to accomplish a goal, while that put things into perspective it was important for me to understand the fundamentals.

After reading this you'll also understand the basics to create more productive teams

Teamwork can be split into three parts, and by understanding those we can enable teams to face the challenges we face today at work more efficiently:

Even when this may seen obvious, it is very important to understand that the group of people that make up a team will each have their own skills, experiences and knowledge at this is an important part of the next point.
Here, it's about understanding where to apply pressure, so to speak, what I mean is that we must follow a framework or strategy to assign teammates to the correct tasks.
Common goal
A common goal is not necessarily a number, but a purpose, is where you are going as a team, not the milestones you meet to get there.

Teamwork also has two key aspects, which in enough amounts, can yield great results:

This word comes from Greek, and it actually means "working together". But here, it relates to human interaction, how each person in the team relates to the other, the combination of common interests and talents.
This will depend on if they know how to do it, can they do it, do they want to do it? Knowing is about the abilities and knowledge each person has; Can is regarding their capacity to make all moving parts "move"; and Want, well, in simple words, are they motivated to do it?
Think of synergy as a song, where instruments and voices are arranged together to create in some cases a master piece.

The advantages of teamworking can be seen in two areas:

  • Personal
    • Teammates teach each other, and therefore increase their knowledge while sharing experiences.
    • Helps to develop communication and negotiation skills.
    • Opens up a safe environment for teammates to develop and share their ideas
    • Helps to develop soft skills, important to maintain a safe and positive environment.
  • Organizational
    • Increases the availability of information for decision making.
    • Increases creativity in difficult situations.
    • Decreases the workload with everyone's support.

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